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When Being Sentenced From the Judge Residential Treatment What Happens Next?

Question by jasimine w: when being sentenced from the judge residential treatment what happens next?

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Answer by OneRunningMan
“Residential Treatment:

Promises Westside’s residential program – licensed by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs – provides comprehensive, individualized treatment based on proven social and psychodynamic methods. We provide a confidential, secluded environment – a peaceful setting where hope and healing begin. Our program includes:

24-hour detoxification facilitation

“Dual Diagnosis” evaluation and treatment (see “Dual Diagnosis” section for more info)

Daily educational lectures

Relapse prevention skills development

Psychodrama therapy

Individualized treatment planning

One-on-one counseling

Group therapy sessions

Recreational therapy, physical fitness

Scheduled 12-Step meetings in the local community

Equine Assisted Therapy

Health and nutrition education

Family counseling, therapy, education and involvement

Aftercare planning

As noted above, Promises can facilitate detoxification services through independent physicians specializing in addiction treatment. During the critical stage of early recovery, we will work to ensure that new residents who volunteer for this auxiliary service experience the safest and most comfortable drug and alcohol detoxification possible.

Using the most effective techniques available today, an individualized treatment plan is developed for each client by our multidisciplinary clinical team to assure a successful recovery.
All meals are prepared on site by our chef, providing the healthy and balanced nutrition necessary for rebuilding the body.

After more than 15 years of dedicated service, Promises has helped over 10,000 people – plus their families, partners, and loved ones – return to health and maintain a lasting recovery.”

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