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Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug rehabilitation is also known as residential drug rehab. The terms can be used interchangeably and describe the same type of facility. Inpatient drug rehabilitation programs require the patient to live in the facility during their stay. They will sleep there, eat all of their meals and receive treatment at the facility. This allows the program’s counselors and support team to offer around-the-clock and intensive care. Inpatient drug rehabilitation is not for everyone, but it is ideal for some. Below, we will take a look at who might benefit most from this form of treatment.


  1. Those in danger of relapsing if they go back home: Some individuals live in toxic environments that make it difficult for them to get clean or stay on course once they have stopped using drugs. One of the best ways for them to develop the strength that they need to get clean is to get out of that environment and into a safe, supportive one.



  1. Those that can afford to: Some inpatient drug rehabilitation programs are pricey especially those that are private. However, for those who can afford such treatment and need it, should give it a try. Care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers the right environment to focus on getting rid of ones addiction.



  1. Those who have had bad luck with outpatient programs: Individuals who have not had success with outpatient drug rehab may want to consider residential care. Maybe the more intensive environment where one is protected from the outside will serve the addict well and provide the attention and treatment he or she needs.



  1. Those with a very serious addiction: Individuals with very serious may require inpatient drug rehabilitation. These types of facilities may be best equipped to handle individuals who need a lot of treatment and care. These persons would also likely have lots of difficulty staying clean if they had the freedom that being on one’s own allows for.


Inpatient drug rehabilitation is a good choice for persons who suffer from very severe addictions. It also a great fit for those who might be in danger of relapsing if they went back home. Some people will be tempted to begin using drugs again if they are around the people that they routinely got high with. Inpatient drug rehabilitation will ensure that a person is about to get away from those negative influences until hopefully they are strong enough to stay away from these individuals themselves. This type of treatment can also be very helpful for persons that have severe addictions. These individuals will need intensive care and that is exactly what inpatient drug rehabilitation makes available.

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