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Delaware Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Alcohol and drug use is always a cause for concern and action. State agencies must provide programs, treatment and initiatives to combat these types of addictions. In recent years in the United States, fewer people are entering rehabilitation facilities for alcohol addiction treatment. A growing number are seeking help and support to get off of drugs. Across the country the rates of alcohol addiction and dependency have decreased a great deal. Why this is so is unclear and beyond the scope of this article. What is known is that while fewer people are seeking help for alcohol addictions, the incidences of illicit and illegal drug abuse and subsequent treatment is increasing amongst all age groups. This pattern mostly holds true for the state of Delaware as well.

There has been a decrease in alcohol dependence amongst those that fall into the 12 and older age group in Delaware, though recently there has been slight increase in drug use by those in this age bracket.

There are more than 40 Delaware drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, most of these being non-profit and private. There are a decent number of for-profit, private centers and very few operated by some type of governmental agencies. Over 30 Delaware drug rehabilitation facilities provide outpatient care. Most people that enroll in some type of treatment program go the outpatient route.

There are 12 Delaware drug and alcohol facilities that provide residential care and 4 that treat addicts with methadone. More then 20 doctors hold the necessary certifications to provide Buprenorphine therapy. Greater then 60% of drug rehab facilities in Connecticut do receive some sort of government funding with 23 of these working with managed care organizations to provide treatment and services to addicts.

There has been a steady and pronounced increase in the number of individuals seeking treatment in Delaware drug and alcohol facilities. While those that need help overcoming alcohol dependency are decreasing and those who suffer from marijuana and heroin addictions increasing. Those who have problems with just alcohol has decreased 42% in the last 13 years while individuals with only drug problems increasing nearly 20% in the last seven years alone.

Deleware drug rehabilitation centers are available for individuals that find themselves overwhelmed by drug abuse. Those individuals that either can not affor in-patient care or who simply do not prefer it, can get the help that they need via an outpatient model. There are a number of excellent rehab facilities throughout the state. Choosing the right one will require taking into consideration what the addict needs and a particular rehabs model of treatment.

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