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Substance Abuse Recovery

It seems that in today’s world there is a great thing happening with those who are going through substance abuse recovery.  More and more people are realizing that it is a family issue and that it takes the help and support of all in order to make it work.  This is a positive thing and there is great hope that this trend will continue.  All the family members of the recovering man are affected by the addiction – but all can experience healing, relief, and joy as part of the recovery process and most likely all will need it.

It seems that the older a person becomes the less they feel that someone going through addiction healing will be able to live productive lives. In fact (70%) of younger Americans, age 25 to 34, are most likely to think a person recovering from an addiction can go on to lead a productive life.  Those age 65 and older are the least likely (51%) to think that way.

The obvious addictions are substance addictions which include tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  The level and intensity of treatment is always going to be based on individual need.  Intensive outpatient services are a minimum of nine hours per week.  Treatment is a very important part of the substance abuse recovery process, but that process continues through a person’s lifetime.

Patients often times make excuses for their addiction, blame others, or minimize the problem by saying that it is no big deal and others should just “lighten up.” When we see these so-called “defense mechanisms” we need to realize that they are nothing more than an unconscious effort of the mind to protect that person from psychological assault.

Patients suffering from chronic pain tend to self medicate with illegal or prescription drugs just to alleviate the pain.  This is very common and can lead to addiction of prescription drugs. In fact, pain killers can be the easiest substance to become addicted to.

Resources for those in substance abuse recovery can mean the difference between a smooth transition to wellness and a road that is full of heartache and trouble.  Treatment is a clinical process that through counseling and psychotherapy, gives an individual the tools which they need to recover from their addiction. The self-help groups like AA and NA are support groups with a bunch of people sitting around in a circle talking about their hardships and supporting each other.  There are more and more people who are opting not to take on these programs because there are better opportunities available.

For many, drugs seem to be a means of averting emotional and/or physical pain by providing the user with a temporary and non-realistic escape from the realities of life.  Generally speaking, women have a higher tendency to have developed that addiction to cope with trauma and emotional pain than men.  Women also have a range of social and cultural pressures and issues that men do not experience.   Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is a painful undertaking and those completing their substance abuse recovery will need much support, understanding and love.

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