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Alcoholic Recovery

In terms of finding the best of the best alcoholic recovery for a loved one, we must first look at all of the various options that are available to us for this particularly devastating disease.  It is true that nobody intends to bring harm to their families through drinking but if one is considered an alcoholic then steps need to be taken immediately to rectify the situation and eradicate the disease from the household and workplace.

Drinking every day – in and of itself – does not indicate alcoholism.  Many people drink every day for a variety of reasons with no subsequent problems.  Studies show that drinking in moderation consists of no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks a day for men.  Millions of people do this every day and never have any tendencies toward alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction may occur with regular use of even relatively moderate daily amounts.  It may also occur in people who consume alcohol only under certain conditions, such as before and during social events.  For this reason, everyone should watch the consumption of alcohol, especially if you have addictive personality traits.

Addicted people will not seek treatment because they are unaware that they have a disease, or they are in total denial even though the evidence is all around them.  This denial effectively blocks the conscious ability to make the right decisions. Addiction to alcohol is basically caused due to diminished confidence of a person.  Somewhere along the way, this person has had either a painful experience that they are having issues dealing with or a person or people may have made them feel very hopeless or not worthy.  In these cases some people see the stimulation rendered by the alcohol as the only way out for some relief.

Treatment for alcohol addiction is complicated and often is not completely successful.  Even if the alcoholic himself ultimately reforms, the family members who were so greatly affected may not themselves ever recover from the problems inflicted upon them.  This is where alcoholic recovery is important for everyone involved whether it be family or friends.

Detoxification usually takes a maximum of two weeks.  A detox center is a place where an alcoholic can seek help to detox from alcohol.  In a detox center, the person is given medications or goes through programs to extinguish their desire for alcoholic drinks or substances.  There are many other methods of getting rid of this desire that can sometimes be so strong that it becomes the only thing a person thinks about.

Though treatment may be very expensive, the real cost of addiction is not treatment but all of the other problems addiction costs us; property loss, car accidents, crime, physical injury (including death in some cases) and illness. The costs of alcohol addiction alone to business are over $150 billion a year in lost productivity, absentee employees, disability and the replacement of employees when termination is in order.

Supporting the person who is in alcoholic recovery is paramount to their total recovery and the future of your relationship with them.  It may be necessary for you to learn the ways that you can support without enabling and thus keeping your sanity intact as well.

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