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Chapters Capistrano Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Breaks Cycle of
As a flexible addiction recovery center located on the coast of Southern California, Chapters Capistrano and its talented team of professionals develop drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for the individual. In taking this flexible approach, not …

Question by Handsome Boi: hello guys, Please i need help of a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR or someone who has testimony of ability to help?
am stuck on sex…i dont want to be any more. i just find myself in porn sites, watching explicit sex videos…
boy, you may call me a SEX-ADDICT or something sort.i believe life is MORE than naked bodies.BUT the problem is that i get more “turned on” by pictures than with REAL PEOPLE. so i just try to fill out the space with PICTURES OF PEOPLE AT IT!
i will welcome any free on-coaching classes to break this habit

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Answer by Pope Bean I
You could block the websites you use to watch the porns…

But seriously, if you want to get rid of the temptation instead of just locking the temptation up, you need a professional counselor. And I don’t think there are many of those on here, so cough up the money and go see one.

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ACA adds addiction treatment to all policies
This file photo shows people in the detox room at Haymarket Center in Chicago waiting for a bed in the addiction treatment facility. Millions of Americans gained the opportunity for insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the …
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Sexual Sobriety: Recovering from Sex Addiction
Newcomers to 12-step programs commonly enter with feelings of apprehension and distrust, wondering if the program is going to be a good fit for them and if it will be able to provide the help and support the addict needs in early recovery. Therefore …
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Ex-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll
For adults there is the SMART Recovery program, a 12-step program on the AA model, and one-on-one recovery programs, all of which are free. For youth there is the Cove DMZ drop in program. They are planning a Youth Drug Summit for May 19th at 5:30 at …
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Riverview counselor offers help to addicted gamblers, spouses
He said that although not everyone with a gambling problem or addiction responds well to these 12-step programs, there still is hope, because “recovery can be obtained through other treatments and support systems.” Dye's message is clear: “There are …

Investing in addiction treatment is good policy
Advocates for expanding addiction treatment have asked the president and Congress to increase funding for the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Program. After years of budget cuts, this essential program has received additional …
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Shumlin promotes treatment at DC drug forum
He highlighted some of the steps he's taking in Vermont, including investments in addiction treatment programs and third-party assessors who determine if treatment would be more effective than incarceration in individual cases. "That's what we've got …

Western Massachusetts' opioid addiction crisis addressed in state Senate
Roose called for a number of ways to address the crisis, including the expansion of methadone and other proven treatment programs, approaches to ease the stigma of addiction and its treatments, “innovative collaboration” with social services and …

Upcoming events at Victory Addiction Recovery Center
Victory Addiction Recovery Center would like to announce some upcoming events this week aimed at educating and bettering our community. On Wednesday, April 28th at 6:00 p.m., counselor, writer, and speaker Roy Petitfils will present "Bored, Addicted, …
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The Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing
Lack of scientific evidence aside, residential treatment centers (also known as addiction recovery centers or rehab centers) purport to offer a safe, supportive treatment environment for a person to detox from their addiction, typically for up to 30 …
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Technology addiction
She has founded and the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. She compares online addiction to drugs or alcohol, because the Internet provides addicts with the same kind of 'high' and they become dependent on it to feel normal. How …
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