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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse involves using drugs and/or alcohol excessively.  Individuals with a substance abuse problem must make an effort to beat their addictions. This may involve them quitting on their own or entering a drug and alcohol rehab facility. Some individuals are able to overcome addictions without external help. However, many more people will require the support and expertise of another individual or need to enter a rehab center.


Individuals can become addicted to all types of substance.  Substance abuse may include the excessive use of the drugs like cocaine, heroin, prescription medications and also alcohol. Substance abuse not only negatively effects the persons who use the drugs or drink the alcohol but also those who love and care for them. A person may not be able to work or get a job because they are always high. Because they have few sources of income, it can be hard to take care of their basic needs and also those of their family if they have one.


Children of people with substance abuse problems also suffer a great deal. Not only will they not often have the physical things that they need such as a roof over their head, food and clothes, they also aren’t able to have a healthy relationship with their parent or family member who suffers from the addiction. For this reason and for others, it is very important that someone with a substance abuse problem does whatever is necessary to get help.


Overcoming substance abuse is rarely easy. Some people will struggle with it their entire lives.  However, it is possible. Many people do overcome their addictions and are able to lead a very normal, fulfilling and successful life.


A study done by the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse found that just over 10 years ago, 13 million Americans were believed to use illicit drugs. That number has undoubtedly increased since then. It also found that nearly 10% of individuals that live in the United States were dependent on alcohol or abused it. This is a very large number of individuals. It is imperative that those numbers decrease because not only does alcohol and drug use and addiction have a negative impact on the person that uses or drinks, but also on society at large.


Fortunately there are many resources within the community that are designed to help people stop using drugs and abusing alcohol. There are drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in every state, hundreds of them in some.  It is possible to enter a substance abuse treatment facility that works with individuals who use particular type drug such as opiates or prescription medication. These niche substance abuse facilities can offer targeted help. Many of these are affordable, some are even free.  One of the best things a person with substance abuse problems can do is to reach out and see what resources are available

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