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Hello Guys, Please I Need Help of a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR or Someone Who Has Testimony of Ability to Help?

Question by Handsome Boi: hello guys, Please i need help of a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR or someone who has testimony of ability to help?
am stuck on sex…i dont want to be any more. i just find myself in porn sites, watching explicit sex videos…
boy, you may call me a SEX-ADDICT or something sort.i believe life is MORE than naked bodies.BUT the problem is that i get more “turned on” by pictures than with REAL PEOPLE. so i just try to fill out the space with PICTURES OF PEOPLE AT IT!
i will welcome any free on-coaching classes to break this habit

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Answer by Pope Bean I
You could block the websites you use to watch the porns…

But seriously, if you want to get rid of the temptation instead of just locking the temptation up, you need a professional counselor. And I don’t think there are many of those on here, so cough up the money and go see one.

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