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What Happens at a Drug Abuse (Rehab) Class?

Question by that 1 chick: What happens at a drug abuse (rehab) class?
Had a random drug test at work today. I may or may not pass. I’ve been there over a year and I know the bosses like me too much to fire me. I talked to a friend that works there and she said its happened before. They didn’t get fired but they made this person do “rehab” (aka drug abuse class)
I was wondering, what the heck do you do in there? Is it like school? How long will it last? How often am I gonna get drug tested?
If you’ve ever experienced that, let me know what goes down. Greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Marcia
“The program” varies far too much to for us to give you too much insight. You can expect random drug tests for 1 to 10 years however; again depending upon how serious your company is, their insurance companies are, your state’s injury compensation program is, what you tested positive for and how much, how your company’s customers react to positive tests, and how/which/what contracts your company is carrying for their product.

The function of a re-hab program is not to send you to time out or punish you for having used drugs/alcohol. Rather, it is to encourage you to stop using the substance of choice, encourage you to not take up a different substance, and to be able to provide some sort of success statistics. It may or may not include random or routine drug testing for the duration of the program. It may or may not include classroom time, group or individual therapy sessions, or the requirement to attend additional sessions like NA or AA. It may or may not include personal introspection exercises, tools and exercises for future abstinence purposes, and more. Again, the goal is for graduates to no longer use for the rest of their lives after graduation.

It is good that your company does value its employees to give them a chance. Do realize that this is often done on a case by case basis and that the attitudes of the company, an individual boss, or the top tier can change on a whim. Also, that the company probably has a lot of external pressures including considering the cost of rehab for an employee versus the cost of obtaining and training a new hire. Good luck.

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