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Sexual Sobriety: Recovering from Sex Addiction
Newcomers to 12-step programs commonly enter with feelings of apprehension and distrust, wondering if the program is going to be a good fit for them and if it will be able to provide the help and support the addict needs in early recovery. Therefore …
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Ex-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll
For adults there is the SMART Recovery program, a 12-step program on the AA model, and one-on-one recovery programs, all of which are free. For youth there is the Cove DMZ drop in program. They are planning a Youth Drug Summit for May 19th at 5:30 at …
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Riverview counselor offers help to addicted gamblers, spouses
He said that although not everyone with a gambling problem or addiction responds well to these 12-step programs, there still is hope, because “recovery can be obtained through other treatments and support systems.” Dye's message is clear: “There are …

Question by chinadoll: Is there a way to get funding for a treatment center?
Trying to get a loved one some help and put into a subsatnce abuse rehab. Don’t have the money to pay for it in my own. Any way I can get some financial assistance with this?

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Answer by The sex Dr
How much does it cost?” is often one of the first questions asked.

The price tag for drug abuse & alcoholism treatment is presented in many different formats. You need to know what is included, what will be added to your bill as a fee-for-service program, and what services your health insurance will cover. This makes it extremely difficult to compare prices by simply asking the question – “What does it cost?”

If you are seeking the best value for your treatment dollar, remember: Price can be meaningful only in the context of quality and performance.

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Canton Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Drug Detox Program
Detoxification allows individuals that have filled their physical bodies up over and over again with harmful drugs to get clean. It can last between 2-3 days or 5-6 days in some cases. The new detox program allows for more time in detox if the medical …
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TV Prescription Drug Ads—Friend or Foe? Novus Medical Detox Encourages
Novus Medical Detox, one of the only Florida-based detox centers serving high-dosage drug abuse patients, encourages the FDA's oversight, as the advertisements could be contributing to widespread addiction. Novus officials also warn the public against …
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Bill Clinton gave up vegan diet & did sugar detox on advice of weight-loss guru
While Hyman's anti-sugar stance may seem extreme, he joins a growing list of medical experts who are convinced that sugar has no redeeming nutritional value and should be avoided as much as possible. Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig said …

Kentuckiana faces rising problem of drug abuse and addiction
Because only 20 percent of its funding comes from the public sector and the rest from various partnerships and private donations, it is able to offer a six- to eight-month program free of charge. The program is not specifically designed to treat heroin …
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Telepsychiatry for Effective, Discrete Substance Abuse Treatment
"We see CloudVisit as a perfect fit for substance abuse treatment facilities, community service boards, and private healthcare professionals. The unique inpatient and outpatient needs of providers and patients, whether financial or personal, can be …
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Austin, TX

Image by beratus
Doing a drug abuse program with Gante Productions.

Boston officials announce prescription drug take-back program to combat drug
A hit of heroin, a cheap alternative to expensive prescription drugs, can go for as little as $ 5 on the street. Certain prescription drugs can be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 100 a pill. In 2012, 61 percent of entrants to substance abuse …

Substance abuse program for the homeless expands
Amarillo, TX – The City of Amarillo is trying to battle substance abuse within the homeless population by partnering with the Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs (ARAD) treatment program. ARAD is the only organization offering week-long substance …
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How to Fix Rehab: Expert Who Lost Son to Addiction Has a Plan
Each program in that study—conducted by Mathea Falco's Drug Strategies, a DC-based nonprofit that pioneered the review-based approach to rehab—came recommended by a major authority in the field. Out of a possible 45 points, however, the average …

Anker Coordinates Substance Abuse Response Panel to Focus on Long…
Currently, there is a shortage of accessible long-term substance abuse treatment programs as well as an insufficient number of facilities available to address mental health disorders. There must be more options available for those in need of support …

Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
Of the 23.1 million Americans who needed treatment for drugs or alcohol in 2012, only 2.5 million people received aid at a specialty facility, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Heroin addicts are a …
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