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Stasiewicz Alcohol Treatment Strategies
Therapy will take place at RIA's Clinical Research Center, the only alcoholism and substance abuse treatment facility licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services to conduct clinical research. “The study will offer …
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Question by chinadoll: Is there a way to get funding for a treatment center?
Trying to get a loved one some help and put into a subsatnce abuse rehab. Don’t have the money to pay for it in my own. Any way I can get some financial assistance with this?

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Answer by The sex Dr
How much does it cost?” is often one of the first questions asked.

The price tag for drug abuse & alcoholism treatment is presented in many different formats. You need to know what is included, what will be added to your bill as a fee-for-service program, and what services your health insurance will cover. This makes it extremely difficult to compare prices by simply asking the question – “What does it cost?”

If you are seeking the best value for your treatment dollar, remember: Price can be meaningful only in the context of quality and performance.

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How Your Phone Can Help Keep You Sober
New apps help recovering alcoholics by providing instant access to support — a game-changer when it comes to recovery, according to one addiction expert. “In AA, those people who are most likely to stay sober are the ones who have a really good …
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Metro Vancouver's atheist alcoholics seek recovery without God talk
Six men who admit they are “powerless over alcohol” recited these words from Step 2 of a Canadian-created, secular Twelve Step program at the beginning of a recent meeting in West Vancouver. Alcohol has devastated their lives; the impact extending to …
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Smartphone App Helps Alcoholics In Recovery
Relapse rates for recovering alcoholics are similar to those suffering from chronic illness, and continued help after leaving a formal treatment center is uncommon and difficult. But soon there may be an app for that. Researchers from the University of …
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Recovering Addicts, Alcoholics, News Junkies, Addiction Industry Has New
“Our audience includes treatment centers, educators, counselors, researchers, clinicians, the sober community, entertainers – anyone interested in Addiction/Recovery that can use our eBulletin to generate discussion.” The celebrity stories covered are …
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Chapters Capistrano Urges Women to Seek Addiction Recovery, Offers Flexible
As more Americans become aware of the threat of addiction, more individuals are finding the help they need to recover from substance abuse. While many addiction recovery professionals are encouraged by the diminishing stigma surrounding treatment, …

Alcoholism Implant with Naltrexone
The company currently owns an addiction treatment program called the Start Fresh Program (SFP) that is used by various independently owned licensed addiction clinics throughout the United States to treat alcoholism and select opioid addictions.
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Addiction CHESS: Smartphone app helps recovering alcoholics stay sober
… to prevent alcoholics and drug addicts from relapsing. Adults released from in-patient alcoholism treatment centers who got free sober smartphones reported fewer drinking days and more overall abstinence than those who got the usual follow-up support.
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Less conflict at home when dad quits drinking
Researchers found that families in which the father struggled with alcoholism experienced more conflict than families with a non-alcoholic father. But after alcoholic men sought treatment for their addiction, conflict levels in their homes fell close …

Report Reveals Role of Doctors in Painkiller Abuse Trends
The two drug, alcohol, and prescription medication abuse treatment centers offer an alternative to the 12 step/AA model of addiction treatment by utilizing a holistic program that focuses on the underlying issues of substance dependency, rather than …
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A Forever Recovery's Latest Blog Post Offers Holistic Tips for Better Sleep
A Forever Recovery, an open-ended drug and alcohol treatment program that gets clients off to a great start and gives them a solid foundation in recovery they can believe in, is offering holistic tips for better sleep in its latest blog post. Share on …
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BioCorRx backs alcohol-suppression implant with rehab program
The pharmaceutical company BioCorRx Inc. (OTCQB: BICX), has designed a holistic approach in the treatment of alcoholism. It promotes the Start Fresh Program which introduces the use of a drug implant called Naltroxene and then followed up by a life …
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