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Alcoholism Implant With Naltrexone

Alcoholism Implant with Naltrexone
The company currently owns an addiction treatment program called the Start Fresh Program (SFP) that is used by various independently owned licensed addiction clinics throughout the United States to treat alcoholism and select opioid addictions.
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Addiction CHESS: Smartphone app helps recovering alcoholics stay sober
… to prevent alcoholics and drug addicts from relapsing. Adults released from in-patient alcoholism treatment centers who got free sober smartphones reported fewer drinking days and more overall abstinence than those who got the usual follow-up support.
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Less conflict at home when dad quits drinking
Researchers found that families in which the father struggled with alcoholism experienced more conflict than families with a non-alcoholic father. But after alcoholic men sought treatment for their addiction, conflict levels in their homes fell close …

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