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Bebe Rexha Unleashes Killer Debut Single “I Can't Stop Drinking About You
After writing “The Monster” for Eminem and voicing Cash Cash's breakthrough hit “Take Me Home”, Bebe Rexha is ready to launch her own pop career at Warner Bros Records with killer electro-anthem “I Can't Stop Drinking About You”. (I guess 2013?s …
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Teenager bashed to death for telling group to stop drinking beer at promenade
GEORGE TOWN: A teenager was killed after he was assaulted by a group of men at the IJM seafront promenade in Sungai Pinang early Wednesday. The tragic incident took place after the deceased, 19, apparently told the men not to be a nuisance and drink …
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12 reasons to stop drinking soda
There has been a great deal of discussion about the unhealthy properties of soft drinks. They are laden with calories, high fructose corn syrup, and contribute to the unhealthy pattern of drinking one's calories. Diet sodas are no better, and in fact …
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New Music: Bebe Rexha – "I Can't Stop Drinking About You"
Bebe Rexha drinks to forget her sorrow in her debut solo single "I Can't Stop Drinking About You". The electro-pop number is produced by The Monsters & Strangerz, a production team that have crafted songs for the likes of; Selena Gomez ("Forget Forever …
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Question by irv37: does dallas metrocare help with alcoholics?
i need to know if they will see someone that needs help really bad with his drinking

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Answer by Adrian Kimberly
I’m betting your friend DOESN’T really “need help” with his drinking. Most alcoholics are adverse to sharing their beverages. And I doubt he or she needs medical care to combat alcoholism, as it is not a “medical problem.” What the alcoholic needs is to stop drinking. That’s the ONLY thing that works or helps.

Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is a fine organization, especially for those who, for one reason or another, insist on practicing monotheistic religions. For many people, there must be a “higher power” to help unload problems on and to whom to seek help. (There are non-religious AA meetings, but they’re a bit harder to find.) AND AA IS A FREE SERVICE!

IN ANY EVENT, an alcoholic will not be helped or even seek help until he or she is willing to admit to having a drinking problem and WANT to be helped. It’s not something you can wish upon someone else, unfortunately.

I wish your friend well. My first spouse (of 18 years) died at 41 of liver-related problems from a life-time of drinking beer. Nothing I could do helped. It was beyond sad. I miss him still.

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Question by Taylor: Alcohol problem…medical forms?
I’m 30 and after alcohol causing problems in dental school and with my husband, my mother crying over the phone pleading with me to stop as well as potentially contributing to my chronic hypertension, I decided to try to stop drinking. I have been a daily drinker for 5 years, and over the past 2 years, there has been a fairly drastic increase. I have been drinking 5-8 drinks per night on average for the past year.

Because of bad reactions with the meds I’m taking (for insomnia and high BP), with alcohol it was recommended that I stop the alcohol. The cravings were terrible over the next month and I was NOT fun to live with… irritable, unable to sleep and generally angry… not attractive… Many times I couldn’t think of anything else but drinking. I went back to drinking once after 33 days for 2 days and then my MD prescribed me Naltrexone. It is helping a little. I still crave, but it is very blunted and manageable.

In a few months, I will have to fill out a form for a residency program in dentistry. One of the questions asks if I have ever been treated for substance abuse or chemical dependence. I have never been to rehab or counseling, but I have medication for alcohol dependence.

Does this count as “treatment?” If so, would you disclose it to a place that is about to employ you for a year? Thank you.

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Answer by Tsunami
you have to if you don’t and they find out you will be fired. you just stop it and dont’ drink you need AAA and you need to get a grip on this mess. its sounding really bad and you need to stop and get on with your life. its sad but what you are having a withdrawals and that is what happends when you drink every day and don’t stop.

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Alcohol treatment centers are organized in every city in the world in a desperate attempt to help reduce the plague of alcoholism. A recognition of the problem and the effort to seek help is the first positive step towards recovery. It is often seen as a real step in the right direction for an alcoholic to get help online, instead of approaching a public rehabilitation. The advent of the Internet has made information on the treatment of alcoholism readily available. The World Wide Web is growing every hour, and hosts a large number of alcohol treatments and rehabilitation plans readily available online.

How to find alcoholic treatment support or centers online –  Just do a Google search for “stop drinking alcohol”, and a whole range of web sites and pages will be revealed. These sites offer facts about alcoholism, based on professional expertise. The addict does not have to pay for treatment received. These sites suggest alcoholics take onboard certain essential information, that will put them in the right frame of mind to take the decision of quitting alcohol for good, and begin the journey towards a new beginning without their life being held to ransom by alcohol.

It helps to subscribe to an online newsletter or magazine. The person can get professional advice and alcohol treatment plans. Most of these subscriptions are free, but some sites may ask for a small donation. Paying for alcohol treatment though may be a better option for some people who don’t like to just throw their money away, and need to feel that they make the effort to achieve their main goal of giving up alcohol.

There are many online sites that provide alcoholism support information and alcohol treatment plans. Even though this support is part of the final success, an alcoholic will also need the support of their loved ones, and should not try and give up on the sly. Being open with those that alcohol distances you from is a way of gaining their confidence once again in you, so building bridges is also a critical step in quitting alcohol for good.

Get Tried and Tested Alcoholics Anonymous Online Alcoholic Treatment Centers support and learn how to Stop Drinking Alcohol in under 21 days….

Question by jessekg014: whats that songs that goes, “i told my wife and kids id stop drinking”?
its kinda like a rock song i heard it on pandora and cant find it anywhere

Best answer:

Answer by captain futility
we used to vacation – cold war kids

“i promised to my wife and children
i’d never touch another drink as long as i live”

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Carl Alasko: How to tell if addicted to alcohol
Is there any new discovery about alcohol that I might be able to use to get him to stop drinking so much? Dear Reader: Addictions of all kinds are one of the most studied subjects because the consequences are very serious. After all this study, however …
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Vivitrol Helps Treat Alcohol and Drug Addictions
The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration says in Washington County there were more than 1,200 people treated for opiate addiction last year and more than 400 were from heroin. Since 2011, the health department has treated more than 40 people at the …
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Online gambling spurs addiction fears
"Compulsive gambling, like drug and alcohol addiction, can be successfully treated," said Lynn Kovich, state assistant commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services. New Jersey is the third state — after Delaware and Nevada — to authorize …
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