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Alcohol Problem…medical Forms?

Question by Taylor: Alcohol problem…medical forms?
I’m 30 and after alcohol causing problems in dental school and with my husband, my mother crying over the phone pleading with me to stop as well as potentially contributing to my chronic hypertension, I decided to try to stop drinking. I have been a daily drinker for 5 years, and over the past 2 years, there has been a fairly drastic increase. I have been drinking 5-8 drinks per night on average for the past year.

Because of bad reactions with the meds I’m taking (for insomnia and high BP), with alcohol it was recommended that I stop the alcohol. The cravings were terrible over the next month and I was NOT fun to live with… irritable, unable to sleep and generally angry… not attractive… Many times I couldn’t think of anything else but drinking. I went back to drinking once after 33 days for 2 days and then my MD prescribed me Naltrexone. It is helping a little. I still crave, but it is very blunted and manageable.

In a few months, I will have to fill out a form for a residency program in dentistry. One of the questions asks if I have ever been treated for substance abuse or chemical dependence. I have never been to rehab or counseling, but I have medication for alcohol dependence.

Does this count as “treatment?” If so, would you disclose it to a place that is about to employ you for a year? Thank you.

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Answer by Tsunami
you have to if you don’t and they find out you will be fired. you just stop it and dont’ drink you need AAA and you need to get a grip on this mess. its sounding really bad and you need to stop and get on with your life. its sad but what you are having a withdrawals and that is what happends when you drink every day and don’t stop.

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