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State Senate hears challenge of opiate treatment
MONTPELIER — An estimated 50,000 people in Vermont need treatment for addiction problems every year and don't get it, and efforts to expand treatment options for people addicted to heroin and other opiates are expected to increase pressure on the …
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Recovery home for female offenders in the works in LaPorte
LAPORTE — A residential program in LaPorte to help female offenders stay out of jail and overcome their drug addictions has been several years in the making with donations of money now exceeding $ 100,000. If everything goes at the current pace, the …
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Cody's story: At 21, recovering heroin addict starts over
Cody Lewis, a recovering heroin addict, talks abut his life and addiction at the Good Samaritan Methodist Church in Addison, Ill. Lewis speaks openly about his struggles. At age 12, he turned to marijuana. By his freshman year, he was smoking weed …

Question by Kate: Help Please! Any movies that realistically display addictions?
I need movies for a project on addictions – movies that portray various addictions realistically rather than glamorizing them are somewhat hard to come by. I was wondering if anyone could think of/has seen any movies that would work? I have the following ones:

For drug addictions – Trainspotting, Drugstore Cowboy, Requiem for A Dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

For alcoholism – When A Man Loves A Woman, Leaving Las Vegas (possible – I haven’t seen this one)

I don’t have anything for gambling and the only movie I know about sexual addiction that would work is Looking for Mr. Goodbar, but I can’t find it anywhere. Please, please help!!!! Thank you!!!!

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Answer by Only _ days till baseball season
The Basketball Diaries is a great one with Leo Dicaprio

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Carl Alasko: How to tell if addicted to alcohol
Is there any new discovery about alcohol that I might be able to use to get him to stop drinking so much? Dear Reader: Addictions of all kinds are one of the most studied subjects because the consequences are very serious. After all this study, however …
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Vivitrol Helps Treat Alcohol and Drug Addictions
The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration says in Washington County there were more than 1,200 people treated for opiate addiction last year and more than 400 were from heroin. Since 2011, the health department has treated more than 40 people at the …
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Online gambling spurs addiction fears
"Compulsive gambling, like drug and alcohol addiction, can be successfully treated," said Lynn Kovich, state assistant commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services. New Jersey is the third state — after Delaware and Nevada — to authorize …
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Rehab For Celebrities: The Long Term Prognosis
Cory Monteith It seems that if you name a celebrity you are naming a person that has been in one form of rehab or treatment or another. This could be for depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug addiction, prescription drug addictions, sex addictions or …
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Budget cuts target residential addiction treatment centers
Budget cuts in residential substance abuse treatment would cost the state more over the long term, according to mental health professionals and addicts. A legislative subcommittee has proposed a $ 2.04 million reduction to inpatient programs that treat …
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Announcement of drug abuse screening grant swerves into politics
The $ 10 million five-year grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will help Vermont incorporate substance use screening and intervention into primary care for all Vermonters. “I view this as a kick-start for …

Record number of pensioners seeking help for drug addictions
Statistics obtained from Public Health England show 1,569 men and 495 women over the age of 60 sought help for substance abuse in 2013 – a total of 2,064 people. In contrast, only 940 pensioners underwent treatment for drug addiction in 2009: 641 men …
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Question by Flower Player: what are some ways that people broke drug addictions historically?
I am doing a report but after tons and tons of research, I CANNOT FIND HISTORICAL DIAGNOSES FOR DRUGS, I am looking for ways that have been put out of practice, for example, one historical treatment for illness was “leeching” putting a leech on somebody, and letting them drink out all of the “bad blood”. Once again, I am looking for discontinued practices for breaking drug abuse.

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Answer by Angela
Your search may have been futile, because for a long time, what we know as “drug addiction” wasn’t recognized as a mental or social problem.

Some other treatments you may want to look into though, is shock treatment. Also, I see in my psychology text book, that in ancient Rome, addiction (but also a number of other problems were treated by soaking the “patient” in a hot bath and cooling them off rapidly.

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