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Latest 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery News

Sexual Sobriety: Recovering from Sex Addiction
Newcomers to 12-step programs commonly enter with feelings of apprehension and distrust, wondering if the program is going to be a good fit for them and if it will be able to provide the help and support the addict needs in early recovery. Therefore …
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Ex-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll
For adults there is the SMART Recovery program, a 12-step program on the AA model, and one-on-one recovery programs, all of which are free. For youth there is the Cove DMZ drop in program. They are planning a Youth Drug Summit for May 19th at 5:30 at …
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Riverview counselor offers help to addicted gamblers, spouses
He said that although not everyone with a gambling problem or addiction responds well to these 12-step programs, there still is hope, because “recovery can be obtained through other treatments and support systems.” Dye's message is clear: “There are …

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