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The Forgotten Five-Steps Workbook


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Addiction is a choice, not a disease!

Contrary to what other programs may have led you to believe, you are more than a “client” to be treated or labeled with a disease. You have choices, motivation and free will. Your future depends, not on the theories and opinions of counselors and doctors, but on that inner desire you have to be more than you are now.

You’ve tried treatment & endless meetings ….. And realize, “That’s just not me!”

This workbook is based on success. If you have tried traditional treatment and still don’t understand why you can’t stop alcohol or drugs, or if you are attempting to quit for the first time, this workbook can help.

It does not have to cost thousands of dollars and years of therapy to change your life! This workbook is empowering for both the person who struggles with an addiction and those who try to help.

This is not an AA, 12-step approach. AA is a great support network and has helped many, but not everyone is the same. We all have individual thoughts, dreams and goals with diferent ways of getting to them.

I feel that eliminating options to “recovery” by saying only AA can work, discourages many and can often be detrimental for those who disagree with the main stream disease model approach.

There is hope! There are many who have found the secret to ridding themselves of their addiction forever.

I have often heard that if someone struggling with alcohol or drugs does not agree with AA or their therapist that they must be “in denial”, “resistant to therapy” or “not following the program” and will soon relapse. I disagree strongly!

You do not have to be miserable, attend meetings for the rest of your life, or flounder around with an endless struggle against addiction! You already have the answer and ability to change. All that is needed is a willingness and desire for change!

My purpose in creating the workbook is to share my views, oppinions and experience in what I have learned in the process with the hope that it will encourage others to do the same.

I am not a medical doctor, researcher or scholar, but rather just someone who wanted more. Success in recovery is extremely possible! The ability to “recover” is already within us and this reality should not be forgotten. Keep believing!

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“The Forgotten Five Steps”
Workbook/Audio Program!

AA alternative. Stop drinking!

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*The truth about relapse!

*You are not sick because you care! The codependency myth.

*The thoughts of others who have recovered, forever!

*Addiction as a choice, not a disease!

*Real & Practical advice and guidance to beat addiction!

*What can I do?

……. and more

This workbook contains real advice on: relapse, codependency, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, addiction recovery, and much more! You will learn a new and empowering view of how to take control of your addiction, forever! Great advice for those who try to help the drug or alcohol user. There is hope and you can change your life! Let me give you what I know and what works!

It is written from personal experience and from talking with those who already found the solution to drug and alcohol addiction. This ebook explains and allows you to learn what these people did to overcome their addiction. It is not a losing battle and people quit using alcohol or drugs all the time! This ebook will tell you how. Alcoholism and substance abuse is not a disease. Learn how to see your behavior in a new light by developing positive goals and vision!

If you have any problems or questions or need additional help for any addiction needs, please contact me through email below and I will be glad to assist you any way I can.

Many have already used this information to redirect their lives and end addiction forever.

I thank you, and enjoy! Timothy Welch

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The Forgotten-Five Steps
Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Recovery Alternatives

Alcoholism help, drugs help, addiction self help

Newark, Ohio

Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependency Recovery
Addiction is a choice, not a disease!

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