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Will Legalization Spark Marijuana Research?

Will legalization spark marijuana research?
Marijuana is listed as a Schedule I drug in the United States as part of the Controlled Substances Act. The classification, which it's held since 1970, defines it as having no medical benefits, no safe use and a high potential for abuse. But that's not …
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Substance Abuse Tx Problematic Despite ACA
"There is no illness that will be more favorably affected [by the Affordable Care Act] than substance abuse," said A. Thomas McLellan, former U.S. deputy drug czar and now chief executive officer of the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia …
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Listen up, police officers: Real life isn't like “Breaking Bad”
Never mind the implicit transphobia; it's almost the perfect “Cops” moment: The police are confronted with a drug-addled suspect and have no choice but to get a little rough in order to place her into custody. … But in the video of Boyd being shot …
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