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Treatment Options for Alcoholism

For those suffering from alcohol dependency there are many treatment options to suit the individual. In many cases, particularly serious ones, patients will need treatment at an in-patient alcohol rehabilitation centre in order to get well. This is the sensible option for those misusing large amounts of alcohol as unmanaged withdrawal can cause fatal complications.

There are many in-patient alcohol treatment facilities around the UK. These centres offer a comfortable and safe environment where clients can slowly withdraw from alcohol misuse under the management of trained professionals. Each person is cared for individually whilst being taken through a practiced and managed series of medical and psycho-analytical interventions.

Treatment normally consists of a planned and managed alcohol detoxification or detox, followed by a rehabilitation program that allows the client to learn the skills needed to stay sober. Aftercare is also normally offered in order to support the individual on the road to long-term recovery from alcohol dependency.

As an alternative to in-patient alcohol treatment, some people prefer to use out-patient clinics. These are centres that an individual will visit regularly in order to follow an alcohol detoxification program administered by doctors or trained professionals.

Treatment at an out-patient facility allows the person to continue with their day-to-day lives, fitting their detox around other commitments. This type of treatment option is suited to less severe cases of alcohol misuse and to those people that do not have the time to spend staying at an in-patient clinic.

There are many alcohol rehabilitation centres across the country, particularly in bigger cities such as London. Certain facilities, like London-based Wellington Lodge, specialise in purely treating alcohol addiction. This means their knowledge and expertise is focused on alcohol treatment and so they can provide the best service possible.

Wellington Lodge are a London-based alcohol treatment facility. They offer in-patient treatment at the Wellington Lodge centre, a spacious and welcoming residential clinic. They also offer out-patient alcohol detoxification at their clinics in London and Bath. For more information on their range of expertly delivered treatments for alcohol misuse visit

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