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Marco Island Rehab Helpline Assisting in the Fight Against Teenager Addiction
Plenty of young adults are unable to view their drug and alcohol usage from an objective point of view. This means they are often unaware of when drug and alcohol use is spiraling out of control. However, thanks to the Marco Island Adolescent Rehab …
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Destination Hope Addresses the 12 Step Program Myth
Florida drug rehab treatment programs include: drug rehab, alcohol rehab, outpatient rehab, prescription drug rehab, dual diagnosis therapy to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD, family therapy programs, and aftercare. Destination Hope and its partner …
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POV: Let's Get Serious about Treating Addiction
We wring our hands about overdoses, but do little to make effective treatment widely available. Our continuing refusal to prevent and treat addiction is a medical and social scandal. A perfect example of our terrible policies happened to me yesterday.
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Addiction treatment hubs save money, state says
The hub and spoke system is comprised of seven hubs, or regional centers, throughout the state that provide medication-assisted treatment along with counseling and other services, as well as spokes, local doctors who also treat addicts and link them …

Jackson's heroin problem persists, fueled by prescription drug abuse
Most have overdosed or been near death, but this often isn't enough to convince them to stop or seek help, those who work in substance abuse treatment report. Heroin numbers. Sweeping it from the streets: Grams of heroin seized by the Jackson Narcotics …

Question by teepetlhw: Can you help me understand these Japanese insurance terms?
I will be studying in Japan this summer, but not long enough to warrant a student visa or international student eligibility for Japan’s National Health Insurance, so I’m required to get my own health insurance that covers 15 million yen in “Injury Death” and 5 million yen in “Injury Treatment”, “Sickness Death”, “Sickness Treatment”, and “Rescuers Expense”.
These terms don’t match up to any policy I can find.
I can find things like Lifetime Maximum Benefits, Pregnancy Coverage, Policy Year Maximum Benefits, Basic Medical, Supplemental Major Medical, Fees for Diagnosis/Treatment, Hospital Charges, Laboratory/Diagnostic/X-ray, Outpatient Prescription Drugs, Durable Medical Equipment, Hospital Room & Board, Intensive Care, Mental Disorders, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Motor Vehicle Accident, Ground Ambulance, Injuries to Sound Teeth, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains.
It seems like “Accidential Death and Dismemberment” oughta be what covers both “Injury Death” and “Sickness Death”, but I can’t find anything anywhere close to 15 mill yen (about $ 150,000 usd), so I’m thinking maybe they lump in some other stuff like repatriation and hospital fees, but I’d like to see some actual definitions.
“thecheapest”‘s answer gave a common sense explanation for what the terms might be, which doesn’t really help. I have common sense. I’d like a translation of these Japanese benefit terms to American benefit terms like the ones I listed in the paragraph that starts with “I can find things like…”

$ 150,000 benefits for accidental death and dismemberment is unheard of, so “injury” death must include something else, or else dying in Japan is exceptionally expensive.

Best answer:

Answer by thecheapest902
“Injury Death”; money to pay to your family when you get injured and died as a result.

“Injury Treatment”: money to pay to you as its cost when you get injured and get treatment

“Sickness Death”:money to pay to your family when you get sick and died as a result.

“Sickness Treatment”: money to pay to you as its cost when you get sick and get treatment

“Rescuers Expense”: money to pay to your family if they need to come to you as emergency

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Is substance abuse coverage as equal as required?
Insurance plans that cover substance abuse treatment must provide the same level of care and cost sharing as they do for other medical issues, but treatment centers say disagreement over what this means leaves many alcoholics and drug addicts without …
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The Holistic Sanctuary Stakes a Claim As the Most Successful Addiction
There are many addiction recovery treatment centers throughout the United States, and indeed the world. The one common denominator between the vast majority of these drug treatment centers is that they rely on prescribed medications to control the …
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Women Who Sought Treatment for Drug Addiction at Caron Treatment Centers
WERNERSVILLE, Pa., March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Heroin and prescription drug addiction are on the rise among affluent women, reveals a new survey from Caron Treatment Centers, a leader and nationally recognized non-profit provider of …
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Schumer asks Health and Human Services head to overturn FDA approval of
"Given the severity of the prescription drug epidemic, it is irresponsible for FDA to approve a single entity, hydrocodone bitartrate product that does not contain tamper resistant technology. This will only contribute to the rising toll of addiction …

Black History Month: For Bridgeton's Karen E. Barnett, community is center of
She is also certified as an ASI (Addiction Severity Index) evaluator, H.O.P.E.S. trainer-facilitator for victims of sexual assault, a Parent's Anonymous trainer/facilitator and Behavior Modification Evaluator and Instructor for the state Department of …

Alkermes Announces Initiation of ALKS 5461 Pivotal Clinical Program for
… generally well tolerated and significantly reduced depressive symptoms across a range of standard measures, including the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D17) (p=0.026), MADRS (p=0.004) and the Clinical Global Impression – Severity Scale (CGI …
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