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'Live To Tell' story of addiction and recovery
Tim Rader, who is now living drug free, tells a story of addiction, recovery and redemption from which anyone can learn from. He puts a real face to the topic of addiction and its consequences. Through Tim's Live To Tell, he has a special message to …
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Recovery project to start helping addicts in March
"This a comprehensive one-year recovery program designed to help individuals attain and maintain a life of freedom from addiction and other life-dominating behaviors," said Jason Batten, operations manager at the mission. "The Grace Project is not an …
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Alcohol addiction is one problem that should not be handled with levity. Assistance must be sought for once the signs of the problem becomes clear in you or in a loved one. As soon as you can’t seem to get work done without resorting to 1 or two bottles of alcohol. When you would rather waste your hard earned cash on booze as an alternative of other obligatory objects, then you must know that you require assistance and you ought to acquire it quickly before the dilemma gets out of hand. The best place to search for and get assistance to handle the drawback of alcohol addiction is the alcohol rehab center. These centers are geared up to help you live the kind of lifestyle you covet. Fortunately, there are several centers all over the United States. Just hunt for a good quality and dependable one.

As observed already, there are numerous alcohol rehab centers throughout the Country. The purpose for this is not far-fetched. The increasing rate of alcoholism in the country has given birth to many centers with the aim of helping addicts who may not be able to deal with the crisis on their own. Alcohol addiction does not involve only the addict; it can have an effect on the finance and vigor of other persons around the addict.You should not allow alcohol to ruin your life. Hunt for a very good and dependable inpatient treatment center that can help you to turn into the most excellent person you want to be. Alcohol addiction is a disease that you can cope with and overcome if you have the correct resources.

Alcohol rehab centers employ various kinds of approach to help patients to stop addiction. Despite the fact that a number of may be religious in their approach, others employ conventional medical means. A number of centers employ counseling, group discussion, medicine, meditation et cetera. Regardless of the method utilized, they are intended to assist the patient get over his or her craving for alcohol and continue to say no to it even after leaving the center.

The foremost thing a good and reliable alcohol rehab center will do to you is to observe you and see how difficult the problem is. In other words, all sufferers cannot be taken care of in a similar way. While several addicts are yet to overcome the problem, other folks may be suffering from alcohol withdrawal signs and symptoms like headaches and depression. After this assessment is completed, the center will recognize what approach to utilize to help you take care of the problem. While certain individuals may be given medicine, other people may be required to lodge in the center to acquire more treatment and be closely monitored. The outcome of all treatment options is to help the addict to get over the craving for alcohol.

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Question by Chris: My 16-year-old friend was sent to intensive outpatient drug rehab & foster care for 3 months & wont see me?
He says his foster mom is very anal and wont let him hang out or call me since im in my late 20’s.

Plus, he started dating a 23-year-old ‘recovering’ crystal-meth addict he found from his group therapy. His foster mom allows that relationship but not ours. I’ve always been clean and sober.

Anyway, my friend is bi-polar, ADD, anxiety, h.s. dropout, parents never married and split, and he now works at micky dees full time.

I went to see him at his work and he basically acknowldged my presence for 5 seconds, but he wouldnt come out to talk to me. He went in the back hiding.

My question is: do you think he will contact me when he “gets out of foster care” next month or is he blowing me off because he has a new bf or some other reason?
He was only addicted to weed by the way.

Best answer:

Answer by vert.grimble
The thing is he has to get healthy before he should have any relationship. I know it hurts but if you like or love him he needs to spend 100% of his time working on himself. He needs learn to love himself first.

As for the “woman in recovery” she might help him – Addicts helping addicts – but if she knows anything about recovery she should not be leading him into a relationship.

12 step programs (AA, NA, Ca) discourage sponsors of the opposite sex and suggest having at least 1 year clean before getting in to a love relation.

Sometimes clean friends enable the addict. Try a Al-Anon meeting to better understand this and yourself. Then you can be his friend and help him. It is a baffling disease and it effects everyone around the addict.

Best of luck – I’ll say a little prayer for the two of you.

ps pot is not as dangerous as a lot of the other addictions but it can still mess a person up big time – especially if there are other mental health issues.

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Addiction treatment center director offers advice for helping addicts
Jim Steinhagen, executive director of addiction treatment center Hazelden in Plymouth, offered advice: “Listen to the voice in your head. Trust your intuition.” Telltale signs of drug abuse include changes in personality, appearance, friends and school …
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Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center looks at eating disorders
The center offers outpatient treatment programs for people who are affected by alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex addictions. The programs focus on helping people with their substance addiction as well as their mental health issues such as trauma, loss …
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Traffic Street, Shreveport

Image by So Max O
The big gold building is Jack Binion’s Horseshoe Casino (and according to the sign, Gambling Addiction Help Center?)

Addiction treatment center director offers advice for helping addicts
Jim Steinhagen, executive director of addiction treatment center Hazelden in Plymouth, offered advice: “Listen to the voice in your head. Trust your intuition.” Telltale signs of drug abuse include changes in personality, appearance, friends and school …
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Bullock applauds new addiction treatment center in Butte
It will continue to be the only inpatient treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction administered by the state, but officials say its layout, rooms and amenities will be more conducive to treatment. Patients are screened and referred to that level …
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Elements Behavioral Health Acquires Journey Healing Centers' Network of
Journey Healing Centers provides the full continuum of addiction treatment services, from residential treatment and sober living to day treatment and intensive outpatient care. Its network of treatment centers is accredited by the Joint Commission and …
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Addiction is an incurable disease that can be treated and managed successfully. With the help of qualified addiction recovery therapists and effective addiction counselling, addicts can live positive and enriched lives, devoid of substance abuse and relapse.

Addiction is a manifestation of severe underlying emotional issues and therapy sessions directed by professional addiction recovery therapists provide a safe environment to confront these issues and work through them.

Importance of therapy

Addiction recovery therapy is a critical element of treatment because addictive behaviours are symptoms of underlying problems. Simply ceasing addictive behaviour, while an important part of recovery, does not address the root causes of that behaviour.

While the fundamental nature of addiction treatment will remain the same, different individuals may require regimens that emphasise different approaches. Intensive one-to-one counselling and support group therapy assists addicts in the emotional phases of addiction recovery therapy.

An experienced addiction recovery therapist can assess individuals and determine a recommendation of individual or group therapy sessions, or a combination of both.

Individual therapy

Addicts need to learn how to cope with their feelings of fear and anger, as well as other feelings and emotions that they might have difficulty processing in order to express them healthily.

Focused individual therapy provides a safe and confidential setting, where addicts can divulge their problems and deal with their troubled pasts and core issues. This holistic approach to reaching the root of the addiction is instrumental in helping addicts understand their dependencies and avoid relapses.

Group therapy

Support group therapy provides an interactive platform for sharing experiences, and members can relate to the challenges and worries of fellow addicts. Support and hope emerges from friendships created at these meetings and addicts feel less alone and isolated in their struggle for recovery.

This environment of mutual support is in itself a source of encouragement and helps addicts in better managing their emotions and improving self-awareness. Receiving support from peers as well as giving that support back are some of the ways that group therapy empowers addicts to overcome addiction and step back into society.

Family therapy

Family counselling is an important aspect of effective addiction recovery therapy. Family members are able to provide more information about an addict’s dependency and lifestyle, allowing trained addiction recovery therapists to apply this insight to the addiction recovery process.

This also allows family members of the addict a chance to heal as they undergo counselling that mends relationships and re-instils the trust within families. With the help of qualified addiction counsellors, family members can be equipped with valuable knowledge to aid them in continuing to help their addicted relatives when they leave the rehabilitation centre.

While working through the difficult issues at the heart of addiction, addicts should be reassured that they are not alone, and that they have the support of their family, counsellors and peers.

By combining professional addiction counselling and treatment, in an environment of love, trust and understanding, addicts are able to learn the tools they need in the pursuit of abstinence and recovery.

Oasis Counselling Centreoffers professional addiction recovery therapy in Plettenberg Bay where their  professional addiction counsellingincorporates a12 step recovery programmeand a holistic treatment regime.

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