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Study Says Legal Marijuana Encourages Teens to Smoke—Suncoast Rehab
Florida drug treatment center Suncoast Rehabilitation Center says that the legalization of recreational marijuana has created a society in which drug use is viewed nonchalantly by young adults—a trend largely to blame for the expected increase in …
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Florida lawmakers lagging in pledge to prevent more child deaths
Neither the governor nor legislators have proposed any significant increases in funding for a host of services designed to help unfit parents, such as drug treatment, mental health counseling, domestic violence services or anger management classes …
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After Miss. prison fight, monitors call for change
Violence is out of control, drugs are being smuggled in and guards are not adequately trained at the privately run Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, a prison with a history of troubles, according to court documents. The documents, filed by monitors …
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With Sobering Science, Doctor Debunks 12-Step Recovery
Since its founding in the 1930s, Alcoholics Anonymous has become part of the fabric of American society. AA and the many 12-step groups it inspired have become the country's go-to solution for addiction in all of its forms. These recovery programs are …
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Magistrates give recovering alcoholic back her driving licence six months early
Speaking on oath, she said that she had now been appointed secretary of the Chard and Crewkerne branches of Alcoholics Anonymous after finding the support from the groups crucial to her own recovery. “I also help to run the AA helpline for Somerset and …
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25 Years After Spill, Alaska Town Struggles Back From 'Dead Zone'
Drug and alcohol abuse went up, along with reports of domestic violence and depression. The mayor committed suicide. Those paid by Exxon to work the cleanup were jealously labeled "spillionaires." This once close-knit community changed, says Patience …
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Question by Bob T: Do Christians know Ex-gay therapy dosent work?
OK so I am gay. I have been coming to terms with this my whole life. I enjoy my close bond with God and I like studying scripture. I recently asked this question:;_ylt=Am9U_4Z290SEUg2arah9jqnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120624132427AAsjARk

hoping to get answers about being gay in a conservative church.

Most people are telling me I can pray the gay away. Do they know you can not change? That everyone from American Psychiatric Association to Dr. Phil have said that it is dangerous to try and change? Do they know this or do they just refuse to believe being gay may actually be harmless/something your born with

just an example. Also explore NARTH and those who left exodusinternational

Best answer:

Answer by Lalapef Melfofo
It worked on me!

And it is VERY harmfull
People who practice homosexuality experience higher rates of many diseases, including:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Hepatitis A, B and C
Gay Bowel syndrome
Bacterial vaginosis

People who practice homosexuality have higher rates of:

Alcohol abuse
Drug abuse
Nicotine dependence
Domestic violence (20 times more common than among heterosexuals)

You think it is dangerous to change! It is far more dangerous to stay gay!

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Alcohol Tied to Campus Domestic Violence – Pot, Not So Much
“Our findings suggest that dating violence prevention and intervention programs should target reduction in alcohol use, but surprisingly, most of these programs largely ignore alcohol use,” said Ryan Shorey, a psychology doctoral student. Stuart noted …

Alcohol-exposed babies: Why prevention is not as easy as 'just don't drink'
Fetal alcohol syndrome, first discovered in 1968, was given the label by which it continues to be known more than 40 years ago. With the label came studies, warnings, interventions and tracking programs. Professionals busied themselves quantifying and …
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When Even the Starting Line Is Out of Reach
We need an integrated set of early interventions, starting with family planning to help women and girls avoid unwanted pregnancy (four out of five births to teenagers are unplanned or unwanted). We need outreach efforts to help pregnant women curb use …
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Long Term Alcohol Rehab offers treatment programs that allow an alcoholic woman to address not only the addiction but also the underlying causes of the addiction. These rehab facilities offer a safe haven for women who have come to the end of their rope with addiction. Long term alcohol rehab programs offer many services to the recovering alcoholic woman such as: medical care, counseling, psychological support and educational training. In fact many of the staff members and long term alcohol rehabs are actually recovering addicts who serve as role models. Many long term treatment programs are inpatient treatment facilities that offer food, shelter and clothing while the individual is going through treatment.
Alcoholism is defined as drinking alcoholic beverages to a level that interferes with physical health, mental health, social, family, and job responsibilities. Men and women both suffer from addiction and many treatment centers offer a co-gender approach to the treatment of addiction. It is important to note that while the symptoms may be the same, the way that the addiction takes hold is more often than not very different. Women who abuse alcohol have higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies, many of them have been exposed to trauma as a child and some sort of domestic violence. Many times in treatment a woman will admit to coming from a family who abused alcohol. It is also not uncommon for a woman who grew up in an abusive household to gravitate to that type of life as an adult.
When searching for a program that addresses women and alcohol the individual should seek a treatment center must understand that is fully staffed by women. This increases the chance of success when women are able to recover in an all female treatment center. In a gender-specific treatment facility, women can open up more about the past, their relationships and feelings in a safe nurturing environment without worrying about what men are thinking.
When searching for a long term alcohol rehab facility it’s important to choose the right geographical area for treatment. Many times an alcoholic will find it very easy to relapse when they are going to a rehab program in the same area in which they live. Unfortunately with alcohol and any other drug the reasons for addiction are caused by the living and work environment, therefore it is more conducive to the recovery process to find a treatment program out of area. For instance many addicts find drug rehab in California to be a great place to start over. With its golden sunshine and close distance to the Pacific Ocean it is a very peaceful and serene place to start a new and sober journey. Using a facility out of state also allows for stronger bonds to be formed between the patient and staff members which helps aid in the recovery process.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center located in Costa Mesa, California is a gender-specific treatment center specializing in long term drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Safe Harbor addresses the specific needs of women and alcohol, is a women only staffed facility that offers many services to aid in recovery. Do you or someone you know need help with addiction? Please visit our website or call us today for more information 877-660-7623.

HEALTH: New Port Centre marks 25th anniversary of providing residential
This year marks a quarter century of providing residential addiction recovery services. “Addiction by its nature can be devastating for individuals and families,” said Dwayne Mountney, Manager of Residential Treatment. “Our team is here to help people …
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Remedies plans to move domestic violence, addiction services east in Rockford
ROCKFORD – Remedies Renewing Lives has outgrown its downtown location and plans to build a new facility further east for its domestic violence and substance abuse treatment programs. The agency started nearly 60 years ago in Rockford but has called …
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