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Types of Alcohol Rehab Facilities


Rehab facilities may vary but they all share a common aim and that is to help addicts recover from their addiction. Many facilities today concentrate on detoxification. The process can be done in a hospital in which a minimum of 10 days is required for the personnel to totally free the person from alcoholic elements. Although hospitals can accommodate this, the danger of withdrawal can harm other patients that is why it is recommended that detoxification is done in a rehab facility that can fully supply and facilitate the safety of the patient and the people around him


Alcoholics can still undergo treatment without confining themselves in a rehab center. Outpatient treatments are applicable to those who are less dependent on alcohol and the severity of their addiction is still containable. This is also applicable to those who have been in a facility and are deemed sober and alcohol free. Outpatients are closely monitored by rehab facility personnel assigned to them and are required to attend counseling on schedule.


Inpatient treatment is applicable to those who have severe alcohol dependency. It is required to be able to monitor them 24 hours a day and induce medical treatment whenever needed. Inpatients are considered totally dependent of alcohol and needs close monitoring. This is also to give immediate help in situations such as relapse and intense urge to give in to their addiction.


Adolescent addiction rehab is a rehabilitation option that specializes in the treatment of adolescent patients. Treatment of younger generation on alcohol abuse is different from adults. The formulation of counseling techniques is more defined and requirements to help them become sober are more intense.


Faith based rehabilitation refers to the patient’s willingness to enter a facility out of his faith on himself and his ability to fully cooperate with the rehab personnel for the glory of freedom from alcoholism. It is similar to Christian alcohol rehabs which involve a great deal of counseling and help from support groups.


There are other forms of alcohol rehab facilities that offer more and even detailed process of leading an alcoholic person to sobriety. A person may choose according to his preferences and the severity of his addiction.







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Christian Alcohol Rehabs: A Great Package

Rehab facilities have been getting a lot of customers in the past few years. The problem of drug addiction and alcohol addiction is spreading in various societies of the world at a tremendous pace. This has led to the establishment of many rehab centers all over the world. America is one country where the number of rehab centers is the highest. This is in accordance with the fact that the country also boasts of the highest number of drug and alcohol addicts.

If you live in America, finding help for addiction is indeed easy. Every state in America has a number of rehab centers and you have plenty of options. If you are not worried about spending a lot of money on the rehabilitation process, you can look for luxury rehabs. These rehabs have all the facilities in the world and the patient lives like a king.

On the other hand if you are looking for a rehab that offers services for affordable prices, you can choose from the various Christian alcohol rehab centers in your area. Christian alcohol rehab centers offer services for affordable rates as they get funding from the various social organizations in the country. The facilities are above average and a patient has all the room and space he needs. Luxuries like air conditioning and hotel suite-like room may be missing but the patients get all the necessary things they need to live a simple life.

Christian alcohol rehabs have won accolades in the past. These rehabs follow a holistic approach along with therapeutic and the 12-step approach. There is no pressure on the patients to convert to Christianity. Every patient is treated with respect and dignity and every patient is provided spiritual and religious lessons and books to read.

Christian alcohol rehab centers also ensure that the possibility of a relapse is reduced to a bare minimum. The patient leaves the rehab center as a God-fearing individual. The belief that dependency on a substance is not the way God meant you to live is embedded in the hearts of the patients. Soon they realize that the bliss they were looking for in drugs once is actually in living a sober life and carrying out the responsibilities you have.

As long as the patient considers living his life with morals, a relapse stays away. Rehab centers also provide programs that can help an individual avoid a relapse. These programs come in very handy and if you follow the steps mentioned in the program religiously, the possibility of a relapse is completely destroyed in a few weeks. These programs are short and can be carried out in a few weeks.

Over the years Christian alcohol rehabs have maintained a good reputation and the Churches and religious organizations have supported these rehab centers with all their heart. With this kind of support, these rehab centers stand at a point where they can hope to better their best and provide even better services to the ones who need them.

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