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Question by snicker doodles: The dreaded “chlorine green” hair. Will it ever come out?
Well, I went swimming three days ago and I have natural medium blonde hair. After I got out of the pool, I noticed my hair had turn a bright green. I didn’t panic at first, because this happened to me quite often when I was a little girl and always came out when I washed my hair. When I got home and washed my hair, it was still in my hair. So I went to the drug store and bought “Ultra Swim”. It didn’t work. So the next day I went to the salon and bought “Paul Mitchel 3” which specializes in removing the chlorine. It worked slightly leaving me with what looked like green highlights. So I went to the salon and got something called “a malibu treatment” It took most of the green out but some of my ends still have a greenish tint. My question is, will the green ever fully come out, or am I doomed to have green tinted ends for the rest of my life? (and cutting my hair is not an option!)

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Answer by Tiffany
It will eventually come out. Try the L’Oreal kids swim and sports shampoo. It worked for us. Also prevention is better than trying to fix it later. Just keep using your anti-chlorine shampoo. You could also try counter-dying it, which is where you make a mild dye from the opposite side or the color wheel to counteract the color. Like green and red, purple and yellow, or orange and blue. But I wouldn’t recommend it it might make it worse. If you want to give it a shot try a slightly watered down Kool-aid. Best case scenario, you’ll end up with sandy colored tips instead of green.

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Question by baritone_girl: What does it mean to be an “old fashioned alcoholic”?
What does it mean to be an “old fashioned alcoholic”? I’ve heard a few of my friends use this term, but am unsure about what exactly they mean by it.

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Answer by virgo89126
lol if it’s what I know it to be, it’s the kind that are soused all the time, still function at work & never admit or even realize they have a problem… no 12 steps for them…

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There are things you would just have to wait. Begetting your child, for instance, will mean a wait of nine or ten months. There is no fast-forwarding this. God’s grace and blessing does not even have a fast forwarding button. If you do not have perseverance in you, you would end up bereft of His blessings. 

Waiting is part of life whether you are millionaire, many times over or someone who is struggling to make both ends meet. Like in Corinthians 13:4, true love thinks nothing of waiting. And, if you can wait for a girl, the wait for whom will in any case come to an end in this temporal life, waiting for God, even if the wait is eternal, should be of no great difficulty. That is, if you have faith! Having faith is God is of utmost importance. 

Paul talks of perseverance in Romans 8:38-39 and how nothing in the world can separate the faithful from God, if they are prepared to wait. He lists the very death and its opposite number life, the powers that are and angels, the happenings now and the happenings that could follow the heights and depths; everything could have no bearing on the faith or perseverance. He says he has been persuaded of these profundities. 

Jesus had expressly told us that waiting long periods had been given to us on purpose. This is reflected in Paul’s words in Romans 5:4-5. He perfectly understands the purpose of the troubles that we are made to go through. The patience that is required of us to overcome the troubles will grant us the experience through which will result in our hope strengthening. And, hope that is placed on God can never go astray. The Holy Spirit will see that your hope is not belied. 

There is a warning in Proverbs 11:13 that if you were to be evil but have the virtue of perseverance in you, you are very likely to reap sorrow.

So, hope without being good in the eyes of God can only land you in more trouble. On the other hand, if you are sincere in your love for God and faithful to him, you can be sure of his blessing (Proverbs 20:22). 

It is in order of things that each one of us have some other adversary. You will be delivered from their hands by the Lord. This is direct result of your waiting for God (Psalm 143:9). Not only perseverance but fear of God is also emphasized in Psalms 147:11.


Faith is all important and it can be found at Quotes About Waiting. Perseverance is something very essential and can be found at Perseverance Quotes.



Choosing the right drug detox center is crucial to the recovery process.  If an individual picks a poorly ran drug detox center not only might their experience be negative but they could be putting their very life in danger. Many drug detox centers administer medications. In many cases, there needs to be a doctor and/or nurse on staff to administer these drugs. You will want to make sure that the drug detox center you enroll in does have individuals that are medically trained, running the program. This is because if you are given the wrong dosage or medication, you could become very ill or even die.


You also need to make sure that the drug detox center that you are considering has an ample amount of experience providing detoxification to individuals who have been addicted to the same drug that you are addicted to. This will increase the likelihood that they are familiar with the medications that need and are able to administer them in the right doses.


A drug detox center is designed to help get rid of all traces of drugs in one’s system.  This helps the body break the drug’s physical addiction. As long as a person is physically dependent they will have cravings and withdrawal symptoms that will make it very difficult for them to get clean. A detox center helps make the withdrawal process much easier then it might be on one’s own. Depending on what types of drugs you have taken, it may also be necessary to go through a medically supervised drug detox center because it can be very dangerous to go “cold turkey” for some addicts.  A drug detox center is designed to help individuals go through this process as comfortably as possible and also to address any physical problems that a person may have during detoxification


Detox is often a deterrent for many addicts.  They are afraid to stop using drugs because of the withdrawal symptoms that will occur. However, it is mandatory that they get through it otherwise they won’t be able to quit using.  It’s important to remember that the withdrawal period won’t last forever.   Generally it last few days depending on how severe a person’s addiction is.  It is only temporary and a drug detox center can provide medications to make it easier then if a person would try to stop using on their own at home.


When considering a drug detox center, it is important that individuals look for a program with a good reputation, experience and is certified and/or accredited by their particular state. These types of facilities are monitored by a governmental agency and must follow certain protocols which tend to make them safer

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