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Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment
(USA TODAY) The Affordable Care Act, which promises sweeping changes to help millions of people with drug or alcohol addiction, requires that treatment be offered to those who are newly insured through the insurance exchanges or Medicaid, the …
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The county with the most people seeking treatment for alcohol abuse? Waterford
There was also a significant growth in the number of people needing repeat treatment as a result of chronic alcohol problems. The proportion of people needing treatment who were in employment fell from 30 per cent in 2008 to just 20 per cent by 2012, …

Rehabilitation offers a combination of applied methodologies and approaches that can restore the normal pace of life. Rehabilitation is useful for anyone from people who have just met with an unpleasant accident or ones who suffer from a long-term illness or medical problem. Through rehabilitation, emphasis is given on helping the body to gain the strength to regain normal daily functions with the help of different kinds of recovery techniques.

Nowadays, rehabilitation for alcohol abuse is gaining huge popularity. Alcohol rehabilitation helps a patient’s physical as well as mental health through different approaches, medicines and support. Professional counselors and physicians suggest the right mix of treatment for individual patient who is fighting with the problem of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is more of a psychological illness and it needs proper care and treatment. Thus, proper treatments are designed to help patients who are struggling with severe consequences of excess alcohol consumption.

The treatment requirement differs from the condition of patients. It means initially patients need to undergo drug and alcohol withdrawal, psychological support, behavior therapies and treatments to ensure immediate and effective results in a longer run. In addition, rehabilitation requires constant monitoring and care to overcome health flaws to get rid of weakness.

Kinds of Rehabilitation:

The goal of any kind of rehabilitation is to improve the condition of lives of affected people who have realized their problems. Nowadays, rehab is available for almost all kinds of physical as well as mental problems. Be it lung or heart problems, spinal disorders, cancer, depression, anxiety or alcoholism, rehabilitation treatments are available for all. Rehabilitation treatments are given to stabilize the uneven mental condition of patients via cultivating good thoughts and engaging their mind in some productive work. Via therapies and treatments, efforts are put to regain the lost mental ability to fight with any kind of trauma in their lives.

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Mobile app may help people recovering from alcohol abuse: study
The other group of 170 was also provided normal treatment, but also received a smartphone with the app, called the Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS), for eight months. In addition to the relaxation and alert features, …
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Hitting the mommy juice too hard? Experts warn of alcohol abuse by moms
“I'm seeing it widespread across the country – an increase of moms, particularly with young kids, coming in for treatment,” Deni Carise, deputy chief clinical officer at CRC Health Group, the nation's largest provider of addiction treatment, told Maria …

Alcohol Addiction (INACTIVE)
Alcohol Addiction (INACTIVE). subscribe. A collection of news and information related to Alcohol Addiction (INACTIVE) published by this site and its partners. Top Articles; Popular; Date. Any Time; Past 24 hours; Past 4 days; Past Week; Past Month …
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If you or you know someone who suffers from alcoholism, do not be afraid. It is a treatable disease with many programs and approaches nowadays that are made available for patients like you or someone you know who seeks help but with no medical options available yet. No matter how or when you are diagnosed of being alcohol dependent bordering alcohol abuse or just know that you have a drinking problem, the first step to alcohol cure is recognizing that you do have a problem. This is a very important step in the curing process to be able to really help the troubled person deep within. People who suffer from this disease pressured by society or by peers to get into treatment rarely result in success stories. This is why acceptance of having the disease is important. Once that step is already done, there are various treatment processes that you can undergo to help you.

Alcohol Withdrawal

This is a very painful alcohol cure as it entails one depriving himself of alcohol over a long period of time until he no longer craves it. Chronic alcohol drinkers most especially will undergo some painful withdrawal symptoms because their intake of the substance has been halted already. Mild shakes, tremors, discomfort, anxiety, and life-threatening deliriums are just some of the common withdrawal symptoms that might occur. This is why it is important that the alcoholic seek medical attention first and make sure that there is a family member or a loved one who will be there for you as you cure your disease. Most patients experience mild to moderate symptoms which can be treated at home or on the out-patient department. But for those with severe symptoms, he might be required to check-in a facility that specializes in detoxification methods to cleanse the body thoroughly of alcohol.

Treatment Facilities

Going in some treatment facilities can be very beneficial especially to patients with severe alcohol problems. Detoxification in such facilities occurs anywhere between three to seven days. After the treatment, the patient’s dependency to alcohol then becomes more psychological than the physical need. The purpose of this treatment is to prevent the patient from experiencing any relapse. Fortunately, there are many facilities all over the country that facilitates this kind of treatment as more and more patients are being diagnosed each day.


Medications are helpful to prevent people from relapsing and going back to their alcoholic stage. Antabuse is one of the most effective medications prescribed to many patients as it works by deterring alcohol consumption of patients making them sick each time they consume alcohol. Revia is another medication prescribed as it blocks any effect alcohol may have in the brain and reduces the person’s craving for alcohol intake.

Support Groups

It is important for an alcoholic to join a support group to help him become sober. By joining such groups you get to meet people who will understand your condition and can help you get through what you are going through. This is a psychological treatment that can help you see the better things in life beyond alcohol consumption.

These are some alcohol cure now made available for patients. But before you decide on any of these, make sure to seek medical attention first so you know which ones suit your needs best.

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Question by Jamie J: Do you know how to spot an argument or theoretical position which ignores the principle of falsifyability?
Can you give me an example of a statment that ignores this principle?

My peer recently asserted that alcoholics anonymous “is the best treatment for alcohol abuse”.
I feel that the flipant statement is invalid as a fact because a) it is an opinionated statement sans any supportive evidence, and b) due to the nature of the statement, it is not falsifiable lest we establish a shared understanding of what the “best” is supposed to be (i,e. highest success rate, most used, most sought, etc.) inorder to be proven or refuted.

Is any argument that lacks a set of general truths to be considered in violation of the principle of falsifiability?

Best answer:

Answer by ??†?? ?F ??????
no, not quite there yet hon.
a non falsifiable argument would be somethinh we cant prove false.
we can prove this false.
we can merly look at all of the people wh attended different
alcaholic treatments and see what percentage of people slid back into alchahol.
if it turns out that %10 fall back with aa
%30 with other treatments
then it means that it is the best available
if the numbers are oppiste then the statment is false.

you are mixing up general truths and propper definitions
now in this case one can only assume that this person means
that it is of a success rate
because of the very goal of AA.
to get people off drinking.
thus the best treatment is the one who most likely will succeed
and to guess at this we can and must look at success rates.

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IG: Vet overdosed while in VA rehab center
He had a history of drug abuse while in the Miami VA Medical Center substance abuse residential rehabilitation program and had previously lost leave privileges for continued use of alcohol and illicit drugs. But according to the IG report, the medical …