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Q&A: What Is This “Pre-Release Program” for Inmates?

Question by : What is this “pre-release program” for inmates?
So I’ve heard of a “pre-release program” for inmates in prisons, but I have no idea what it is. I know prisons offer classes for GED and alcohol / substance abuse and anger management and vocational job things, but what is the pre-release program? Is it mandatory? What is it? And do inmates in maximum security prisons and / or SHU get to participate?

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Answer by K-9 OSIFFER
It is not mandatory but it is highly recommend, the primary purpose of the Pre-Release Program is to prepare offenders for a successful re-entry into society upon their release from prison. The program’s services and activities are designed to focus on improving the offender’s employability, social and human relations skills in order to facilitate a successful reintegration from the state’s tax roll to an employer’s payroll. The major duties and responsibilities of the Pre-Release Program are categorized into eight primary services: employability skills training; counseling; job development; residence development; remedial education; adult literacy in the workplace; transportation and follow-up/aftercare.

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