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Q&A: What Is That Song Calle “REHAB” by Amy Winehouse Suppose to Mean?

Question by I love my angels: what is that song calle “REHAB” by Amy winehouse suppose to mean?
Is it suppose to mean that her dad wanted her to go to a rehab cause she was a party animal?
here is the video if u wanna check it out

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Answer by lazlo76
“The song was written about Winehouse’s refusal to attend an alcohol rehabilitation centre after her management team encouraged her to go. “I asked my dad if he thought I needed to go. He said: ‘No but I should give it a try.’ So I did, for just 15 minutes. I went in said ‘hello’ and explained that I drink because I am in love and have f**ked up the relationship. Then I walked out.”[1] Winehouse later changed her management company.[2]” -wikipedia

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