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Q&A: Can U Suggest Me Any “Self Help” From Online Resourses?

Question by isay: Can u suggest me any “self help” from online resourses?

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Answer by vera
It all depends on what you need “self help” for, so I can’t really suggest too many websites, because most of them are specific to the situation and circumstances.

However, here are some good self help tips:

1. Writing really helps you get your feelings out, and no one ever has to know what you wrote. Write about what’s bothering you, what you wish you could do about it, etc.
2. Research your problem. A library is a great place to go because you can borrow the books, and/or make photocopies or take notes. Don’t be ashamed of whatever it is you’re looking up – you can always just say you’re writing a research paper if anyone asks (but chances are they won’t!) Learning about how other people dealt with the same problem as you will give you some ideas.
3. Decide a few ways to overcome your problem – for example, if you are feeling depressed – what things make you feel happy? Try thinking of ways you can control the problem and change your attitude and behavior towards it.
4. Lastly, remember you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you don’t have anyone close to you to talk to, call an anonymous hotline (usually can find them in the front of the phone book) or if you have insurance, you can probably talk to a professional if need be for no or low cost, depending on your benefits. There are many problems that no amount of self-help could even scratch the surface on (such as suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, manic depression, schizophrenia, etc.) However, if you are just going through the usual ups and downs of life, writing and learning how others dealt with it usually will help you gain some insight on tackling it on your own.

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