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Need to Attend a Substance Abuse Facility, Mothers Insurance Wont Cover It Could I Get My Own?

Question by Steve S: Need to Attend a Substance Abuse Facility, Mothers Insurance wont cover it could I get my own?
I need to go into a substance abuse facility to get off a prescribed medication Ive been on for a while. The facility I want to go to is in Florida, however I live in Michigan. I am a dependent on my mothers Blue Cross PPO insurance policy however they will not accept places like this.

I am a full time student, 22 years old. I know that Aetna insurance covers this place so I was thinking of applying with them. Should I tell them before hand that I want to attend this place so I can pick the best plan, or will that probably ensure they wont cover me? Its like $ 20k to go. Please only answer if you are familiar with insurance.

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Answer by mbrcatz
Look, if you tell them you’re addicted to your prescription medication, they’re going to turn you down. And if you don’t tell them, they’re going to deny the claim and cancel your policy for material misrepresentation.

That’s assuming that whatever condition you have, that requires the prescriptions, doesn’t flat out disqualify you from coverage.

It’s not going to work. If you can’t pay cash, you’ll have to go to the ‘in network’ place for the coverage you already have. Sorry.

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