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'We're All Paying': Heroin Spreads Misery In US
Meet David Fitzgerald, leader of the mentor program at Central City Concern, which claims a 60 percent success rate for treating heroin addiction. The lock, Fitzgerald says, is a necessity because his addicts will take every opportunity offered …
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Heroin's high toll spreads in US
Former heroin addict David Fitzgerald stands near the rehabilitation clinic where he works in Portland, Ore. Fitzgerald is the leader of the mentor program at Central City Concern, the only Portland rehabilitation clinic that claims a 60 percent …
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Deadly drug shifts from homegrown labs to Mexican superlabs
… Idaho Press-Tribune | 3 comments · jfunk. Posted on Apr 6, 2014. by John Funk. Gas line antifreeze, red phosphorus, muraric acid and handwritten recipes for making methamphetamine. ….. My profession requires me to know some about Meth. As the …
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