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Is Past Extensive Cocaine Use and Alcohol Abuse Treatable?

Question by : Is past extensive cocaine use and alcohol abuse treatable?
Im sorry if my question did not come out right, i’ll do the best i can to explain my situation.

My mother is 54 going on 55. In the past back in the 80s up to the 2000s, she did extensive coke use and was(or is) an alcoholic. She appears to be lack confidence and can be so controlling at times. She can never calm down nevertheless hold a job i think. When you do alot of cocaine, i know you lose your mind. You go a bit insane and paranoid. Is there any long-term treatments or options that i should take that can calm her down? She smoke cigarettes every day, so many packs and it will not improve her heart and medical conditions at all. Im very very close to sending her to a nursing home or have her seek counseling, but im trying to find out what other options that i can take that dont involve her leaving the house. Im so extremely lost, please help and God bless.

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Answer by Techwing
It sounds like she has a personality that is very prone to addiction. She sounds like she may have other issues as well, which might benefit from professional help.

You can recover from addictions, but they don’t really go away, in the sense that you cannot resume use of a substance to which you’ve previously been addicted without running the very real risk of falling into addiction again. Thus, alcoholics (for example) remain alcoholic for life, even though they may recover from their alcoholism by abstaining permanently from alcohol. A recovered addict is, for all practical purposes, the same as anyone else, except that he can never touch the substance to which he was previously addicted without the risk of a major relapse.

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