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How Come the Medical Industry Says There Are No Cures for Cancer When There Are Dozens Have Been Found?

Question by cory: How come the medical industry says there are no cures for cancer when there are dozens have been found?
I researched cancer and apparantly our medical system has failed us. Research “dr hulda clark ” and her books on curing cancer. look into the budwig protocol and gerson therapy. Truth- our govt is suppressing cures for cancer. Our current “cut, poison and burn” technique is a nazi torture devise that only has a 5% success rate. While natural therapies cure cancer and people can do them at home. Cancer is caused by our poisoned food, water and air. If you detox your body you get rid of the cancer. Taking anti-virals and staying away from our medical system is important. As our medical system is the leading cause of death in our country. If you want to be murdered – then go to an M.D. who has a lisence to murder. Look online and see how many people have been cured of cancer by going across the border to mexico to one of the best cancer treatment centers like “oasis of hope” and the “gerson center” or the “hoxsey center”. We are being lied to so our corrupt medical system can keep bringing in billions of profits while they kill our families and friends. It’s time for american’s to wake up and smell the coca doodoo our govt is feeding us – lies!!!
To the govt agents hired to dispute “the truth”.

See info. on Dr. Hulda Clark who cured cancer patients using detoxification of heavy metals (from dental fillings), parasites, chemicals from foods, molds, fungus, dyes, plastics and more toxins that we are being exposed to on a daily basis. Our food and water are full of poisons causing cancer. It has already been proven that if one detoxes their body then miraculously their cancer cells die. How convenient that the billion dollar cancer industry hides this info. from us. Their statistics show that most people who do chemo die. Yet, the gerson therapy that has people drink vegetable juice 9 times a day has a higher success rate. Vitamin b17 IVs also can cure cancer. But for some reason a vitamin IV is illegal in the united states – because they don’t want any cancer cures here!
We know we are being lied to and we are waking up by the millions!
And we are coming for you!! as we know who is suppressing this information.

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Answer by Alex00244078
Is this a trick to get less intelligent or more impressionable people to do nothing about their health and die… thus improving the overall gene pool or something. If that’s not what you’re trying to do than you’re either posting this in jest or you have absolutely no clue what the hell you’re talking about. Cancer causes aren’t constrained to poisoned food water and air… not even close. If it were that simple breast cancer wouldn’t be a major cause of death of women in the United States. We also wouldn’t see 85+% of cervical cancer patients presenting with Human Papilloma Virus of serotypes 16 and 18. Cancer, at it’s simplest level, is uncontrolled mitosis in the body. How this happens can be due simply to inherent genetic defects or poor lifestyle decisions which have lead to excessive cellular damage. The damage stimulates cells to regenerate, your DNA is at risk of damage every time it replicates. Don’t go spouting off about something you obviously have no knowledge of.

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