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Detox Center

Admission into a detox center may be necessary for those persons who have a severe alcohol or drug addiction problem.  A detox center helps individuals get rid of drug residue and other toxic chemicals from the body. This is often necessary before an individual is ready and able to go through rehab. If a person still has residual traces of drugs or alcohol in their body, it can be very difficult for them to make good decisions and to deal with the underlying issues of addiction.  Consequently, detoxification is often the necessary first step in the sobriety process.


A detox center has to treat alcoholics or drug addicts when they are at their worst.  The detoxification process can be very hard on an individual both physically and psychologically.  This is because withdrawal symptoms can be so severe and intense.  Individuals will crave alcohol or drugs really bad. They may also have the shakes, throw up, become nauseous, and sweat profusely. Detox and the subsequent withdrawals are often dreaded by the addict or abuser because they know what’s coming. In fact, many people put off quitting because withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable. A detox center can make this period much easier to deal with by lessening the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.


Many detox centers will require medical supervision because the detoxification process can be dangerous. A nurse or physician will need to be on staff if it is a medical detox center. These physicians and/or nurses have to be certified in most states to administer drugs.  Drugs are often necessary because if an individual stops using alcohol and/or drugs ”cold turkey,”  they ptut themselves at risk for serious problems and even death.  This is why it’s a good idea to enroll in a medical supervised detox center.


Medications can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms. They might also be given to the addict in place of the drug they are addicted to. They are then weaned off of it. This is believed to increase the chances that an individual will stop using the illegal substance or prescription meds because they are able to slowly wean themselves off of drugs and not quit “cold turkey.”  Giving them a less harmful drug such as methadone, is supposed to make the quitting process easier, though there is some debate regarding this contention.


A detox center can offer a more then detoxification services. They may also offer counseling and behavior modification classes. Counselors will work with individuals to attempt to determine the root cause of their addiction and then give them behavior modification tools that will help them avoid drinking again.


There are different types of detox centers. Some are especially for prescription drugs users, others are for alcoholics. There are also programs solely for opiates.  It’s a good idea if at all possible to find a program that is geared toward ones particular addiction.