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Alcohol Makes My Stomach Pain Go Away…. Why?

Question by Lynn: Alcohol makes my stomach pain go away…. why?
I have had persistent, undiagnosable stomach pain for a year. When I drink beer it totally goes away (no, it is not from burping). Further, food KILLS my stomach and if I have a beer with it, it doesn’t. If I have a few beers, my stomach is good for a couple of days when I eat. After that, the pain comes back. What is this???

I already know that for most people alcohol makes stomach problems worse; but I am telling you: it totally eases the pain for me – pain that hasn’t been helped by ANYTHING.

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Answer by nnn
well alcohol is a depressant so it could be numbing the pain for you. Have you tried fasting for a few days and getting colon therapy for your stomach pain?

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